Our mission is to give back the best version of you to 1 billion people in Health, Mind, Impact, Performance & Human Connections by transforming people’s stress patterns in 7-15 min a day!


Bridging the gap in access to mental wellness through biofeedback, adaptive sound healing powered with Voice Emotion-AI and transformational coaching sessions, making mental care accessible to everyone, who wants to live a stressless life avoiding Rx medication.

Core Values

  • Business to human: Deep Connection with our soul clients
  • Envisioning & Transformation: If you spot it you got it.
  • Courage & Liberation: Daring to rewrite the patterns.
  • Envision & Collaboration: Leverage collective genius.
  • Integrity & Authenticity: Be real. Do you. The best time is now.
  • Passion & Inspiration: The courage to shape a better future.
  • Accountability: If it is to be, it's up to me.
  • Freedom  & Fun: Expand and co-create dynamically.

Meet our Diverse Team

We are an international team bringing together expertise in Deep Tech, voice recognition, voice emotion-AI, transformational therapies, mental well-being, sound healing, 3D sound production and clinical neuro-biofeedback.

Alfonso Paredes
Chief Executive Officer

12 years of experience in the Medical & Biotech industry and 4 years in R&D Sound & Emotion-AI. My objective with WeVoice is to help people improve their mental well-being, by applying the power of voice, sound, and technology. My ultimate goal is to help people become self-healers while sleeping.

Nataliya Storozhylova, PhD
Chief Scientific & Strategy Officer

12 years of multidisciplinary international experience in the academic, corporate & EdTech startup world. I have over 100 experimental designs and setups. A scientist “with the gloves off”. My mission is to develop and transform the the state-of-the-art in stress management based on biofeedback for patterns recognition and revolutionize the future of well-being & healthcare

Anton Melnik
Chief Technological Officer

10 years of experience in AI development. I provide a scalable technical solution from basic (human-intensive) to full automation (AI-intensive). My goal is to provide our  customers the latest AI-coach technology based on analysis of vocal biomarkers, which helps provide unique and personalised sound healing sessions to WeVoice clients.

Carlos Paps
Sound Science Lead

Music is my passion  and using sound as tool to heal it's my drive. I am the intersection of a pianist, sound designer, sound therapist & sonic accupunturist, which passion for audiovisual technology & music,

Jonathan Espinosa
Data Scientist

My goal is to boost communication between people and machines through the power of AI to support people's mental well-being. I want to help people improve and know themselves deeply by analyzing the complex patterns in their speech and language.

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We couldn't make this happen without the support of our amazing and distinguished partnerships, supporting in our R&D plans, backing and validating clinically all our developments and providing with the latest and most advanced approach towards, 3D Spatial Sound, Music & Emotions.

Fundació Eurecat

Applied R&D

By applying the latest technologies and the most cutting-edge processes, such as design thinking, CAD-CAE design, the creation of prototypes and the virtual simulation laboratory, they generate distinctive, innovative, efficient, profitable, eco-sustainable products that are tailored to the latest trends associated with Smart Products and the Internet of Things.


Neuroscience & Technology

Bringing the Neurofeedback technique of sensing and processing brain-data through different levels of abstraction in real-time and translating it into different outputs like audio, visual or actuation feedback.
Through this technique, the users have direct access to their brain and are able to show, control, transform and connect their mind’s.


Music Emotions

Musimap’s technology has been developed by 60 renowned musicians, & musicologists, sociologists, & psychologists, & philosophers. All together, they mapped the global music library as a detailed map of the history of music, that soon evolved into a self-learning, context-aware neuronal music network.

We are open for more collaborations

If you are a company or an individual that wants to support our mission, please reach us out.

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