About us

We are WeVoice, and our mission is to empower 1 billion people to live a stressless life to its fullest potential.

The WeVoice app helps people identify their stress patterns by biofeedback, applying information our bodies use to communicate when experiencing worries and anxiety.

Our technology, based on voice features recognition (vocal biomarkers), allows us to evaluate your emotional levels. In distinct life situations, our jaw muscles contract and perform differently, producing different sounds that give us the space to evaluate stress levels before and after using our solution.

The product is based on our voice-emotion AI-Transformational coach, Tara, trained by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapy (NLP) & Rapid Personal Transformational therapy (RPT), to help our clients understand their mental wellbeing, find repetitive patterns and bring back awareness and self-healing power.

WeVoice’s extensive library of digitized sound healing sessions tunes your brain frequencies and modulates your state of mental wellbeing in 7-15 minutes.

Your personalized online journal will track your development to boost wellbeing gains.

We are building a future without alternative substances for lifelong enhancement of your mental health.

Meet the TEAM

Nataliya Storozhylova, CSSO & Co-Founder

Her background is in life sciences, medical devices, R&D, innovation, and human transformation. Having a Ph.D. in Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Innovation, Nat is a scientist with the gloves off, scientific advisor in stress management solutions, biohacking & longevity.

Nat is a WeVoice visionary, developing a startup in transformational stress management to revolutionize the future of wellbeing & healthcare, create the world's most robust anxiety & stress model based on biofeedback.

"My mission is to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness and transform lives of 1 billion people in health, wellness, and connectedness and serve to make our planet a healthier place to live."

"I am passionate to transform revolutionary scientific discoveries into technological progress and bring innovative solutions into the healthcare system."

Nataliya was born & raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. A global citizen who has lived in 7 countries across continents in the past seven years. She has 12 years of international multidisciplinary experience working in the academic, corporate & EdTech startup world. Nataliya has over 100 experimental designs and setups for in vitro, in vivo, nanobiotechnology, preclinical and clinical studies, including lab-on-chip devices for in vitro diagnostics. Recently Nataliya stepped out from Mindvalley HQ, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she worked closely with Vishen Lakhiani (founder and CEO of Mindvalley). There she enhanced science liaisons, designed synergistic products, educational courses & digital devices for data tracking, and implementing AI projects for the Mindvalley Connections App.

Alfonso Paredes Saavedra, WeVoice CEO and Co-Founder.

Alfonso has a business administration and management background, strategist & visionary with eight years of experience in the Medical / Biotechnology industries and four years in R&D Sound & Emotion-AI.

As an international entrepreneur, Alfonso designs the WeVoice app to empower 1 billion people and help them overcome their stress and anxiety patterns.

Empowered by a unique vision concerning how all of us are unique individuals and how voice biofeedback can reveal us such knowledge, brings the relationship between humans and computers to the next level.

"My objective with WeVoice is to help the people improve their mental wellbeing, applying the power of voice, sound, and technology. My ultimate goal is to help people become self-healer while I am sleeping."

"My role within WeVoice is making sure we execute the vision and strategy of the company towards a high-innovative platform."

We are developing an R&D project to measure vocal biomarkers while speaking to AI-coach and bringing this bio information to our system. It enhances the experience to our users by creating adaptive 3D sound healing sessions.

For WeVoice, Alfonso is delivering massive value to the clients & a company business growth. Being a leader for the WeVoice team through the best practices supports the most healthy and empathic environment for professional team growth.

Anton Melnik, WeVoice CTO and Co-founder

Anton Melnik is a remarkable creator with ten years of experience in AI development. Anton provides a scalable technical solution from basic ( human-intensive) to full automation (AI-intensive) that serves across all departments seamlessly:  marketing, sales, customer success, etc.

Anton is WeVoice digital Viking, providing the latest AI-coach technology based on analysis of vocal biomarkers, which helps provide unique and personalized sound healing sessions to WeVoice clients.

"Idea is to create an AI-coach, supported by adaptive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapy (NLP) & Rapid Personal Transformational therapy (RPT), for those wanting to transform their habits."