Mental fitness with WeVoice and Ivan Nikolov

An interview with NLP expert Ivan Nikolov

In this series of interviews, WeVoice is presenting you experts behind AI, who are supporting us on our Vision and Mission

A conversation today with Ivan Nikolov, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), time-line therapy (TLT) expert. Ivan is a former Mindvalley senior community manager and a citizen of the world. He is an expert in leadership, human psychology, behavior, and ethical communication, helping others bring their gifts and talents out into the world when you know that you were born for something bigger, Ivan helps to bring clarity, authenticity,  confidence, performance & impact on the world.

"You are far more than you think you are. Your not-enoughness is exactly your enoughness. It's all about adjusting your own lens.”

Ivan has embarked on a huge personal mission - to gift 1,000 complimentary 30-min coaching sessions in just 500 days, and to finish by July 30, 2022 - his 48th birthday.

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