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WeVoice - our mission is to empower 1 billion people to consciously transform and unleash self-healer of wellbeing in 7-15 minutes per day!

Meet Tara, your AI-Transformational Coach

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Trained by Certified Experts

AI trained by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming therapy (NLP) & Rapid Personal Transformational therapy (RPT). This unique approach combines the most effective technologies in one.

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Non-judgemental & high-affinity

AI-Transformational Coach's ultimate goal is to serve you with a personalised 3D sound healing journey, to improve your emotional state and lower your stress and anxiety levels.

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Supports your transformational journey

Tara, your AI-coach will track your individual development in a detailed journal, where you’ll be able to review the daily progress.

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Stress makes you forget,

Sound healing sessions bring back your balance!

We include 3D binaural beats sound healing sessions. The program is based on scientific research to reset your brain's calibrations and bring you to full clarity, focus, productivity, energy, and happiness!

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Why WeVoice mobile app?
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Identify your Patterns

Effective stress management starts with identifying your sources of stress and developing strategies to manage them. We provide advanced tools which analyze your vocal biomarkers, identify & quantify your stress load, consciously managing and changing it.

Conciously Transform

While not all stress and anxiety can be eliminated, WeVoice helps you take control. Recognizing a problem is the first step toward solving it, creating a daily wellbeing habit takes you forward!

Progress Daily

WeVoice app will follow your individual development in a detailed journal, where you’ll be able to review your daily progress. The journal helps manage stress patterns linked to lifestyle and other factors.

Stress is #1 killer today

Affecting aging, mental clarity, productivity, creativity, sleep disorders & fertility and much more...

Low energy


Sleep Disorders

Digestive Disorders



We care about your data privacy!

Your data is yours!

Encrypted Data

Your information is handled through cryptographic methods to guarantee your data's security, integrity, and confidentiality.

Personal use

Everyone’s lives and needs are different; we use your data to enhance your personal experience, customizing how it is used according to your current need.


Our compliance with the healthcare law HIPPA, and the data protection regulations of GDPR ensures we securely care for, control and process your personal and health information.

WeVoice Coaches

Jackie Crouch

WeVoice Rating
It was amazing, i felt same as been on live sound healing session. Even better, since i had not need to worry about people around and could do whatever i want!
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WeVoice Rating
Wooooow, even with this very short piece of sound i got into meditative state immediately. It is fantastic how fast it was, even been experienced in this usually it take much more time to get there.